Membership Dues

Regular Active
Membership 2023

Dues: $400
Paypal Fees: $15

Total: $415

First Year
in Practice 2023

Dues: $200
Paypal Fees: $10

Total: $210

Volunteer State
Medical Society (optional)

Dues: $100
Paypal Fees: $5

Total: $105

Scholarship Fund
Donation (optional)

Dues: $100
Paypal Fees: $5

Total: $105

Discounted 2022 Dues are mandatory for unpaid members.

Make checks/money orders payable to Bluff City Medical Society and mail to: Bluff City Medical Society, P. O. Box 17924, MEMPHIS, TN 38187-0924.

Step 1: Please submit membership information via: 

Step 2: Payment

Pay via Paypal

Venmo: @bluffcitymed

Please note, National Medical Association dues are paid separately from Bluff City Medical Society dues.  Find out more about National Medical Association by visiting their website at